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CV Writing Tips

When it comes to job hunting your CV is very important.   Get it wrong and you will face rejection time after time.   These tips below will help you write a good CV.  

CV too long

A CV that is too long will not be read by recruiters or potential employers.  They donít have the time.  They will be going through possibly hundreds of CVs for the position you have applied for.   Keep your CV between 2 and 3 pages long. This does not mean that you should make your Font extra small (see above point).   Ensure that you have included all the necessary information but keep your point short and too the point. 


Your CV should be easy on the eyes.  Donít use weird and elaborate fonts.  

Spelling Mistakes

Spelling mistakes will damage the perception of your CV.   Use your Spell Checker.    Take time to proof ready your CV.   Get a friend to go through your CV too.

Professional Email Address   or
Do these email address convey a professional image?  NO!
Keep your email address as simple as possible.  Use your name.surname or  or something similar.


DO NOT LIE on your CV!!!!     
Stick the facts and focus on your achievements.
Lies will always come back to bite you.

Social Profile

Many recruiters and employers will check your Facebook and Twitter account before hiring you.   Make sure that your Online profiles project a professional image.  Think before you post!


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